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About us

877 Workshop. Handcrafted goods for men. Made in Germany.

We love almost forgotten crafts and techniques and bring them back to live with new designs. In our workshop in Hamburg, Germany, we manufacture casual goods for men with a contemporary and effortless look.

Design Philosophy
Our work spirit is to strive for quality, to rely in the best materials, a lot of artisanal experience and even more passion.

One of a kind
None of our products are alike, more or less traces of manufacturing are visible, roughly forged parts, irregular shapes and natural tanned leather with small wrinkles and scars are part of our design and important for our look. One should simply see that our products are handmade. Honest craftsmanship made in Germany.

Historical tools and techniques
We use a lathe from 1928 for turning closures, rivets and buttons and historical tools like burin, steel tools, an engraving machine and an engravers ball as well as hand stamps for a special handcrafted look and feel.

Master in engraving
Daniel, who worked 7 years as a master in engraving before getting his master in arts & design, engraves steel stamps on a 1960s engraving machine, which then are hardened and burned to emboss various designs with 5 tons pressure into thick bronze, brass, copper or sterling silver coins. The motif coins are then filed, shaped, polished, patinated and processed to push buttons, badges, pins and closures.

Sand casted belt buckles
Our vision of a heavy duty and beautiful belt buckle brought us to use the centuries-old technique of sand casting. Every piece is casted in a lost mold, that means that the sand mold is destroyed to unveil the cast item. Because of that we have to build up every single sand form new to get one cast. So it takes quite a lot of time to make a hand full of buckles. But the result is worth it: the heavy quality look and feel of the solid casted brass and bronze buckle with its grainy surface and raw rugged character is absolutely unique and inimitable.

Natural leather from Germany
Our leather is also very well chosen - vegetable tanned premium leather from a German tannery, which was founded in 1875 and is now run by the fifth generation of the family. The leather is tanned with oak bark and refined with selected fats and waxes for extra durability. Their traditional art of tanning needs much more time than current industrial tanning techniques, but the benefits relating quality, look and feel remain unmatched to this day. The tanning process takes at least eight weeks, the leather gets enriched by natural oils and is then dried very gently at room temperature what saves energy and improves the quality of leather. It is a honest natural product, skin neutral and suitable for allergy sufferers. The surface of the leather is natural (aniline) - it has no color layer to keep the beautiful natural texture with fine wrinkles and pores.

Custom engravure
We are happy to customize most of our products with your individual letters or numbers. You find an overview of our customizable products here. Please read about the different options and additional costs in the several product descriptions.

Sylvia & Daniel Janssen
* 877 is the code of the color silver.

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